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0 votes
3 answers

How do decrease Leg Muscles as a man?

I'm a man in my twenties. I have been doing gym since 4 years now and after recently changing my diet to low carb high protein diet, I started losing fat. Now this fat loss came with a realization ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Can resistance training change your skeleton shape?

I have noticed many weight trainers, including myself, have quite broad shoulders. Is this an illusion due to added muscle, or is this truly a change in skeletal shape? I do not have a 'control' to ...
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0 votes
1 answer

Masculinizing exercises?

I look at my body and it doesn't look masculine enough, so I don't feel too confident sometimes looking in the mirror. People tell me to lose fat and build muscle, but even after successfully doing ...
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2 answers

Is it really possible to re-shape a muscle?

There's this long going notion that you cannot re-shape a muscle through trainig: what do you think about it?
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