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4 answers

Are ab exercises more useful to reduce belly fat than other exercises?

I have little bit belly fat which I want to reduce. So I started ab exercises (like sit-ups and crunches) month ago. It's much more difficult to me to do these kind of exercises than other e.g. ...
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15 votes
5 answers

Skinny but flabby, what to do?

I appear skinny but anyone who's seen me without a shirt knows the truth! My chest, arms, and legs all look healthy (as far as I'm concerned) but my stomach is this fatty mess. It's not that I don't ...
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7 votes
4 answers

Are sit-ups actually harmful?

I have seen several references to situps being harmful due to "high compressive lumbar load" and recommending crunches. When researching where the quote came from, it looks like every reference quotes ...
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Max reps, boredom and carpet-burn

Is there any consensus on the maximum number of reps you should perform, before rotating? Curious as I find I get bored, or start to get say carpet burn (sit-ups), if the number exceeds a hundred. ...
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3 answers

What are ways to exercise abdominal muscles without harming your back?

I am frequently hearing of new research finding how bad sit-ups and crunches are (example). So what are safe ways to exercise the abdominal muscles? For example, are planks proven to be safe?
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Best way to lose stomach fat [duplicate]

Anyone know of a daily workout that can get me slim whilst building muscle? I dont mean a full on workout like going to the gym because there is no gym around where i live. I also eat pretty healthy ...
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