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Does eating carbs after workout improve absorption of protein shake?

I heard at my gym of some guys having a small snack consisting of carbs (a fruit or cereal bar) before the protein shake and their reasoning is that the carbs will be "burned" by the system first ...
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3 answers

Lesser evil when it comes to snacks: sweet vs salty [closed]

For the past year I have drastically changed my eating habits (for better if I may say so) and I'm currently training twice a week and doing cardio once/twice per week. However, I still occasionally ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Snack time, protein or carbs?

I have finally come back into meal prep mode, and before I never actually gave thought of the order of my snacks or if it matters at all, I usually have a protein or carb snack with some green tea. ...
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Is biltong healthy for a lean muscle weight trainer?

Is biltong healthy for me. I am trying to gain lean muscle but am starving all the time from all the training and I don't like protein shakes as it upsets my stomach?
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If I eat carbohydrates in place of sugar, will I lose weight? [closed]

I often try to have healthier snacks instead of sugary snacks. However, lots of alternative snacks are carbohydrate based, such as crackers and bread sticks. Both carbohydrates and sugar break down ...
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