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Doing Yoga in Socks

Is doing yoga in regular socks okay? Are the yoga toe socks better, the same, or worse than doing yoga barefoot? Just a little background: I am going to soon begin a yoga class at my local gym, but ...
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Wool socks are absorbent, but do they smell like the classic wet-wool smell when wet?

I'm thinking of buying some wool socks. I hear they'll help keep my feet cool and dry by absorbing sweat while I bike. That's fine: sweat normally doesn't smell right away. I don't own any wool socks ...
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What are the performance benefits and drawbacks of toe socks over normal socks?

I bought a pair of Injinji toe socks recently to try them out. To date, I haven't noticed a huge difference in the way I perform my physical activities (mostly kung fu and an occasional run). If there ...
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Height of socks and sports

I was wondering what is the purpose for some socks to be low-cut? How high are socks suitable for which sports? Football/soccer players wear long socks, while some people in gym wear low-cut ones. ...
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Do athletic socks make a difference to performance?

There are plenty of selections that athletes have in selecting socks. Most of these socks are ear toward moisture whicking material. My question is, do these type athletic socks make a difference in ...
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