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Does long term severe salt restriction enhance athletic performance?

We can read here that the Yanomamo Indians do fine on a diet that hardly contains any salt. They live in hot humid conditions so they'll certainly lose liquids in the form of sweat of the order of 1 ...
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How many pounds of water retention will be caused by 2300 mg of sodium? [closed]

When you gain five pounds in one day people always say "water retention from sodium" and undigested food. To see if this is plausible, I want to get a sense for the scale of the effect. Suppose you ...
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How to consume as much sodium as possible? [closed]

I've recently been diagnosed with postural hypotension. When I stand I get very light headed and dizzy. I've seen several doctors who have struggled to find the cause or find a treatment that works. ...
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Do Too Many Electrolytes Make You Fat

I've been consuming electrolytes before and after sports disolved into water without sugar. Can electrolytes in high volume make you gain weight?
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