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Lying leg raises targeting spinae erector muscles

When I do lying leg raises, I can do probably about 10 and then I feel the spinae erector muscles. I'm not sure how to describe the pain, but I feel it's a mix of fatigue and some other mild constant ...
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Crossing Legs and Scoliosis

I have mild scoliosis on my upper (thoracic) spine that looks like a C (opening to the right). I also happen to like crossing my legs. Crossing the legs obviously introduce some asymmetry to the ...
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Playing soccer in morning bad?

I've read that in morning the discs in spine are full of fluid and vulnerable so how much duration must I've wait after waking up to go out and play soccer without having any adverse effects? I ...
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How to maintain spinal decompression?

Did some experiments on my height: 167cm after heavy squats 170cm after a short walk 175cm after hanging on a bar 176cm after hanging on a bar with weights After hanging, I'm taller than normally,...
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Can lat pull-down damage the spine?

I've started doing lat pull-down, planning to achieve a weight of 100 kg/10 repetitions. A thought hit me: while lat pull-down seems similar to pull-ups, the amount of tension (pull) on the core body ...
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core strengthening for weak lower back

I have a weak L3 (the 3rd disc up from my pelvis) - that is, it is given to pressing against the nerve, causing discomfort (no actual pain, as yet) locally and, when I don't pay attention for long ...
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Getting more elastic

I think that my spine is not as straight as it should be and also when I bend forward I cannot touch my toes, as far as I can reach is only just below my knees. I want to start going to the gym to get ...
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Back Brace for Posture?

I checked out this post about what to do about bad posture. I am basically sitting on my computer or writing most of the day. Other than regular muscle exercise, I was wondering if anyone knew of ...
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Lower back rounding

Strengthening and building a muscle optimally requires the muscle to be stretched against resistance then contracted. Then why is it band to round the lower back,shouldn't it strengthen the spinal ...
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Pain in Back after lifting body [closed]

I was doing decline bench press with dumb bells, and after exercise i put dumbbell on my chest and tried to lift my body but middle back felt pain middle of thoracic , my body was not lifted enough ...
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Is cycling good or bad for lumbar hyperlordosis?

From Wikipedia about Lumbar hyperlordosis: Commonly known as swayback, it is common in dancers. Imbalances in muscle strength and length are also a cause, such as weak hamstrings, or tight hip ...
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Flat lower back and pain [closed]

I have pain in the lower part of my back. When I go to the gym I try to not overload that part of my body. I just bought a foam roller to stretch out my back before and after my workout. I also seem ...
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What exercises would help recover from thoracic spinal trauma?

Had surgery and radiation 3 years ago on a tumor inside my spinal cord in my thoracic spine. This causes weakness, numbness and uncontrolled movement in my left leg to the point where people often ...
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How does one strengthen the muscle that keeps the neck erect?

This is really a two-part question: Which muscle keeps the neck upright? How does one strengthen it?
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What muscle am I stretching when I pull my chin back and tilt my head to the side

For a long time I've suffered from back pain, neck pain and pain around the eye--all on the right side. Just recently I found out that I can make the facial pain immediately disappear (during the ...
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Running with lumbar spinal stenosis [closed]

I have Lumbar Spinal Stenosis as described in this question. Since my injury I have been using the elliptical machine, but sometimes I still dream of running. Before my injury I usually ran either 2-...
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What are some abdominal exercises for a person with lack of a left iliac crest, left gluteal muscles, and scoliosis? [closed]

I've had a history with cancer, leaving me with no left iliac crest and minimal left gluteal muscles. Due to the surgery I have scoliosis as well. I am 20 years old and want to take care of myself ...
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Is it safe to suddenly add more weight to weighted pull-ups and dips?

After training pull-ups, chin-ups and dips for a while I started adding weights(slowly with the same amount of set and reps). My weight is ~86kg and I currently add ~12kg using backpack, and do 5 sets ...
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Is rucking (running with weight in backpack) a bad idea?

I started practicing medieval full contact, which means I have to fight for several minutes in a 30kg++ steel armour. For me to be physically fit for this sport, I decided (among other things) to ...
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How can I make my elderly father exercise regularly?

My father is in his late 60s. He has problems with pain in his spine. Yet his lifestyle is not very active. He doesn't move a lot and spends a lot of time watching TV. I think his muscles will be ...
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Weightlifting for people with scoliosis

I have mild scoliosis and have been told by every doctor I've spoken with to avoid lifting anything heavy. On the other hand, I've met a number of people who have scoliosis and have succeeded in ...
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Spine standing out in the middle of the back

I've started training about 3 months ago. I had neglected my lower back training for a while before starting to train it again. Now, my body fat percentage is about 10% and my spine is very visible in ...
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What exercises can I do to improve the muscles supporting the thoracic spine?

I have a desk job and I notice quite a bit of stiffness around the upper spine. I remember hearing in an episode of Barbell Shrugged that the number one reason people end up in nursing homes is loss ...
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