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What are downsides of stop doing physical activities?

What if you completely stop doing sports? Including walks or any other physical activity besides necessary as going to work/store/etc. Is there any medical researches on how it will affect your health,...
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Tips to do another repetition?

To gain strength the last repetitions are the most important ones. Depending on my mood I find it hard to do the last reps. Before I used caffeine to enhance my exercise routine, however I stopped ...
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Is it really a good idea to force yourself to do exercises, health-wise?

I read this BBC article on how exercise can get your gut microbiom in order. Among other things, it says that mice that did voluntary exercises "were found to have significantly lower numbers of ...
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Is there value doing pushups until I can not do them more due to muscle fatigue?

I am doing pushups for years - single set, evening, at home. I increased gradually the number of pushups in my set and I have managed to achieve 37 and I stayed at it. But I don't enjoy doing them. I ...
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Is it some kind of illness not to long for training and be even nervous and afraid of the prospect of training?

I have heard that one guy told the other guy in the gym that he thinks a lot about gym and longs for it when he is outside gym in his everyday activities. He is thinking about what he will do and how ...
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2 answers

I'm lazy but I want to train more

My best results are when I train at high volumes by starting the session with sets of 3s then 2s then 1s then doing a bunch of high repetition sets, like sets of 100 push ups ( I can't do 100 push ups ...
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Mental Fitness: Exercises to build mental resilience and toughness inside and outside the gym?

What are some exercises to build mental resilience against self-consciousness and self-deprecating thoughts? For instance: when doing a deadlift routine, I feel quite embarrassed doing my 110 kg max ...
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Does lifting form/technique always break down when performing the heaviest work-set for the first time?

So, I keep finding myself in this situation all the time. I am adding 5 to 10 pounds to some of my lifts every week or so. Every time I am lifting the new weight (old weight + 5 lbs), I see my form/...
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