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Partial reps for shoulder stability and growth in weight training

I find that my shoulders feel a lot of strain when I do pressing movements, say a shoulder press with overhand grip, or even a bench press when the bar or dumbells are near my chest. So in those ...
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Does using dumbbells have stability advantages?

I am just seeking clarity here. Bench pressing with a bar vs using dumbbells. When it comes to strength and stability, does one offer a greater benefit than the other? I heard using dumbbells has a ...
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How can I improve my renegade row?

I've been using the ASICS Studio app for workouts recently. I've seen an improvement in my ability to do several exercises, but one of the ones that I still struggle with is the renegade row. I'm not ...
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Are 'dynamic' balance boards better for balance training than 'static' ones?

I have a simple round balance board with contact point at the middle. I've tried vew-do, with rolling balance point, that moves along the rail on the bottom of the board. It was terribly hard, I've ...
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Strenghtening Achilles tendon @home.

I've twisted my ankle once, it was terribly bad, I was immobilized for many month (lack of proper rehabilitation made it worse, in my country of origin you get only 'necessary' medical services from ...
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How to combine strength, hypertrophy and stability in one weight training program

I just read about a training program used by US Army Rangers: This program seems attractive ...
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Is there an inverse relationship between range of motion and stability?

I have a fairly reputable yoga instructor with 16 years of experience in various fitness-related roles who claims that increasing range of motion through stretching actually reduces stability. The ...
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should a static shoulder hold feel sore after? [closed]

So I have a bit of shoulder impingement in my right shoulder and I am trying to do some shoulder and rotator cuff stabilization exercises to stregthen and loosen those muscles as Kelly Starrett ...
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Can shoes mask injuries or weaknesses?

A little background: I got a gait analysis from a major sports therapy hospital, and she said I overpronate and suggested me some stability shoes. I also have a weak IT band, which I'm currently doing ...
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Core stability - how often and long?

I've recently taken up trail running (as an ammateur) and discovered I lack in body balance on steep sections. My legs are also prone to injuries (minor ones, but annoying). I was told that core ...
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How to create the leg drive and keep shoulder blades together while bench pressing?

I have heard various powerlifters on youtube to use the leg drive(1) and keep your shoulder blades tucked in or together throughout the rep(2) (just as we do on the low bar squats) while doing the ...
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Exercises that make the 'Core' strong

When I do planks, and some other exercises that require a higher level of stability than average, the trainer always tells me that my core is weak, and that I need to make it stronger. Can any of you ...
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How to measure balance?

Balance is important: studies have shown it helps prevent injury (for example, this study (in Spanish)), it's useful when transitioning to barefoot/minimalist running (see this or this) and ...
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Does heavy lifting affect steadiness and precision?

I do a fair amount of weightlifting; in particular heavy compound lifts power-lifting style. I also compete on a target pistol team. Over the years, I've heard a number of coaches and marksmen ...
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