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Does post-workout cold immersion dampen strength as well as hypertrophic gains?

Andrew Hibernian has discussed research suggesting that hypertrophic gains are lost when one undergoes immersive cold exposure within 6 hours after training. I’m wondering if this six hour window is a ...
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Does sticking to one exercise for a long time cause a plateau, where the body no longer makes improvements even after muscular failure?

Question Does sticking to a single exercise cause a plateau, and by "plateau" I mean: "a point in your training where neither reaching failure nor trying to push beyond failure on a ...
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Is it viable to do 1x100%5RM 3 times a week?

I begin each exercise of my workout with a set splitted into 3 sub-sets. - 100% 5RM - 30s rest pause - 3 or 4 reps with the same weight - 30s rest pause - 4 or 5 reps with decreased weight denoted X ...
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my three minute planks do they work?

I am a 65 yr old female. I can hold my planks for nearly 3 min with a quick 10 sec rest in between. Why is my stomach still pouching out.
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Will I get the same results if I perform half of my workout at one time and then the other half later in the day?

Assuming that the entire workout is for one muscle system (pushing, pulling, legs), would there be negative effects if I perform one part of the workout in the morning, for example, and the rest of it ...
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Is it easier to gain chest than other body parts?

so I have this problem - I haven't been exercising chest for 1.5 year now because I think it's way too big and bulky compared to the rest of my body ( read legs ) I've been doing legs(squats,...
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Alcohol and gym gains

I am 19 and looking to build muscle and strength for joining the RAF. I attempt to go to the gym three times a week: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and obviously as being 19 I love my social life and ...
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one arm dumbell bent over row - is it a complete exercise for the back?

there is an exercise called one arm dumbbell bent over row. sometimes I like doing 10 sets of 10 reps alternating arms of this exercise with 60 Kg. It makes me feel very good, and after 24 hours or ...
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Is it possible to recruit all the motor units available?

If I have exactly 2lbs of muscle on my bicep and I do a weight lifting exercise that involves only the bicep, is there a limit of how much weight I can lift for 1 rep if the muscle mass remains ...
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Is cardio really counter-productive to "gains"?

I've heard from a lot of different places, perhaps with their tongue planted firmly in their cheek, that cardio is antithetical to "gains". I've only started hitting the gym since about a year ago. ...
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Auxiliary exercise to help my inverted rows to progress

Apart from some light auxiliary RTC work, my workouts consist of bodyweight squats, inverted rows and push ups, the two latter in the form of lighter versions on the bar of a Smith machine. I have ...
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Is it correct form to do concentration curls with your arm hanging freely? If not, why does it result in muscles bulging out more?

All this time I thought it was ok to do concentration curls with your arm hanging freely, instead of your elbow being pressed against your thigh. Now I didn't see any videos or blogs which said ...
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What are good all-round core exercises

So after a dieting period I'm switching back to eating healthy but in larger quantities (bulking). What would be good all-round exercises to do all week round? I work out 4 days a week so could I ...
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Which parameters define a well-balanced full-body strength training program?

I think many have heard this question before, and it is still something that in my opinion seems a bit unclear. A fitness training program consisting of 5-8 compound exercises is considered to be a ...
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How to get stronger without increasing fitness?

I know this is total contradiction to this very domain name: fitness.stackexchange, but hear me out. Plenty of people come here asking for advice about foods, routines, muscle types, other neuro-bio ...
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Problem with shoulder workouts

So I've been working on shoulders for quite some time. I often only do either: 1.Dumbbell or barbell shoulder presses (overhead, full extension). 2.Wall presses or press ups (push ups). 3.Chest and ...
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What order should I complete my goals in?

I am currently 6'0" 194 lbs. I teach martial arts, which requires me to be physically fit in almost all respects. My physical fitness goals are (in random order): Increase flexibility in the hips, ...
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Easy gain for untrained muscles? [closed]

It is often said that it is easy to train untrained muscles. How easy? If you train strength, how does what you need to do to keep progressing change over time? Examples: (Can a beginner progress ...
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