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Swimming describes any method by which humans (or other living creatures) move themselves through water, apart from walking on the bottom.

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Training muscles for scuba diving

I'm a keen trail runner, and when scuba diving you're using only your legs to propel, so in theory everything should be fine. However, I'm getting cramps and I need to move slowly to prevent them. It ...
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What are some features I should seek in a rugged swimming tracker?

A dedicated activity tracker for a bicycle, a cyclocomputer, does wonders to one's training. Suddenly every kilometer "counts". Every speed increment matters. I would now like to do the same ...
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How to instruct breaststroke legs to age group of 8-12?

I don't have much experience instructing this kick, and apparently, the kids need help learning the kick. They learn fro feeling the motion, so they are more kinesthetic learners.
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Breathing in Cold Water while doing a Front Crawl

I took a pause from swimming, and when I returned, the water temperature is about 11 Celsius. I'm finding that I am running out of breath much faster than usual. I can usually get 3 strokes before ...
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Scapulas position in freestyle/front crawl

here a general analysis if muscles involved in freestyle/front crawl is shown. On page 9, it is written that: When the arm that is close to the body similar to its position in the fundamental ...
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Which part of forehead should touch water first when breastroking?

When swimming breaststroke, which park of forehead is actually expected to touch the water first? I fear when my head dips into water, I'm breaking too much. When my head dips under water, which ...
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Freestyle swimming: Where to breath in (chest vs. stomach)?

Everyone just talks about inhaling, but no one ever specifies whether to breath in your chest (shallow breathing, clavicular breathing, thoracic breathing), your stomach (Diaphragmatic breathing, ...
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Swimming calorie calculation by distance vs time

I've been swimming off and on for years, but recently I've begun to wonder about the number of calories I expend while swimming so I can compare it with other activities. The calculators I've found so ...
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