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Does Tabata 4-minute workout work? [duplicate]

I've recently heard about Tabata workout which takes just 4 minutes to perform. Is it possible to achieve the result shown in this video or it's very specific and doesn't suit everyone? I'm 17yo, ...
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Is combined strength and cardio training bad?

TL;DR: Is combining weights and cardio within the same exercise unwise or unproductive? This video by Gravity Transformation talks about cardio during weight training and describes how combining the ...
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How to leverage short bicycle ride to work?

I'm cycling every day to work. It is a very short distance (2km or 1 1/4 miles). I'm usually there in 6-7 minutes. How would I use this ride to increase my endurance? I read about tabata, would it ...
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Tabata Training-- should I separate upper and lower body?

I'm a 60-year-old male. I'm a professional whitewater kayaking instructor, and I like to compete in kayak surfing. My goal is to get in as good a shape for those sports as my limited time allows. ...
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Tabata calorie burn with 4 minute excersie

I have started doing cardio from one Youtube channel which is showing that in 84 min I can burn around 1000 calories (but 1000 is not my goal). I do gym also so I want to burn till 400-500 calories. ...
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When doing HIIT, how long should your intervals be?

I currently do a 1:2 ratio of high to low intensity. My high intensity interval lasts 60 seconds, and my low intensity one lasts 120 seconds. I do this on either the elliptical or the heavy bag (I'm ...
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HIIT in the living room

I am looking for an aerobic training system for the living room: Should be possible to start with low aerobic load and gradually increase to high intensity, like HIIT or interval training. Ideally ...
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What is the most effective increased "dosage" or level of the Tabata HIIT protocol?

I've had good results following the standard Tabata Protocol (20s "max" and 10s rest). Update: I do this protocol 5 days a week and mt bike pretty hard the 6th day. In the "work" cycle on the Tabata ...
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Did tabata training, now my body looks a bit disproportionate

I did tabata intervals religously for 2 months and the results have been great. I did my intervals on an elliptical machine for 4 times a week running for roughly 16minutes to 25minutes a day. But ...
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Recommended timing for Tabata sprints to supplement olympic lifts

I'm using one of the Texas Method variants. I want to add tabata sprints to my weekly workout. The question is, when? My choices are: Monday. I'm already doing 5x5 at 80% of squats, bench, power ...
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What work/rest timings should I use for my HIIT workouts?

I've heard a lot about the benefits of HIIT training over cardio at a constant level so I want to incorporate some into my training. What timings of work to rest should I use? I read about the ...
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Is there cardio or weight loss benefit to doing the Tabata (HIIT) workout more than once a day?

I'm doing the Tabata Workout. I can easily spend more than the 4m/day on it. I work from home so I can take a 5m break and ride the exercise bike anytime I like. Would there be a benefit from doing ...
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How do I measure Vo2Max at home without specialized equipment?

I'm about to start the Tabata routine to increase my cardio endurance. The best I've found is this calculator. Are those results accurate? If not, please suggest an alternative.
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Would Tabata be any good on a stationary bike?

I cycle most evenings when I get home from work. I read about Tabata on here and wondered if it would be any good for me? Maybe cut my total time down to 30 minutes, 5 mins warm up, 2 mins Tabata, 5 ...
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Is the Tabata exercise method more effective than other forms of exercise?

I came across this article while searching for workout tips, with the main claim being: This training method is so simple, yet so incredibly difficult, that athletes tend to try it once, ...
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What is tabata? How effective is it?

What exactly is Tabata ? Is it just a form of HIIT ? What makes Tabata effective in fat burning or providing thermogenic effects ?
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