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What can be said of one whose bum rises before their shoulders/bar during barbell squats?

I’ve noticed that often while I’m doing barbell back squats, if the weight is on the heavier side, at a certain point I will begin to struggle a little bit, and at the bottom as I’m starting to come ...
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Why does the barbell remains tilted to the right at the end of the jerks of Zarina Gusalova?

Zarina Gusalova does not adjust the grip in between the clean and the jerk. Yet in her lifts the barbell remains tilted to the right side at the end of her jerks. This is especially visible in her ...
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Does lifting form/technique always break down when performing the heaviest work-set for the first time?

So, I keep finding myself in this situation all the time. I am adding 5 to 10 pounds to some of my lifts every week or so. Every time I am lifting the new weight (old weight + 5 lbs), I see my form/...
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Can you be good both at cycling and running?

In a chat group of a local cycling community a hot debate arose about running. This is something that most cyclists shun greatly and few can manage it for a few kilometers. Personally I can run for a ...
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Is there difference between lifting legs and lifting torso for abs training?

Some people hanging upside down holding by legs for bar and bend torso up toward legs. On the other hand some train the opposite way: they hang on hands and lift legs all the way toward hands. What's ...
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Should we keep shoulders shrugged during an overhead carry?

During overhead press we need to shrug our shoulders at the top of the movement. Apparently its for creating space for rotator cuff tendons. As the exercise description on stronglifts says-- Shrug ...
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"Warming up" - What is actuall happening in muscles and tendons?

I hear of many piano players that do "warm up" excercises (and by that, they mean that they play on the piano a bit, for example Hanon, or things like that). I myself have also made the experience ...
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How can I safely increase gluteal load in the bulgarian squat?

In this video it is stated that lengthening the foot stance increases gluteal load. However, this also forces a flatter back angle, when a lot of people say that it's important to keep your back ...
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2 answers

Ball vs heel strike when walking or light jogging?

I've found I have two different foot usages when I walk, stride or lightly jog/run. Sometimes I touch down with the heel first. I either roll or more usually, tread/lift. Other times I extend the ...
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Gluteus Maximus Development Tips For Men

I'm 29 years old, 5'10", 165 pound, 12% body fat percentage man. I have so small Gluteus Maximus size and I want to gain some size there. I do hip thrusts, glute bridges, squats, deadlifts, hyper ...
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Freestyle swimming: Where to breath in (chest vs. stomach)?

Everyone just talks about inhaling, but no one ever specifies whether to breath in your chest (shallow breathing, clavicular breathing, thoracic breathing), your stomach (Diaphragmatic breathing, ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Hand position / form when swimming Crawl/Freestyle

I swim with my fingers together, thumb at the side and a slightly cupped hand. I have seen some people in my pool swimming with small gaps between their fingers, which I found interesting (I have ...
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Why do professional swimmers breathe every stroke in freestyle?

TL;DR: What is the thinking behind turning to breathe every stroke (i.e. every two arm pulls) in freestyle? Isn't this wasteful, since breathing necessarily disrupts your flow? I'm a keen swimmer, ...
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How to train for a competitive 10 km in two weeks?

Good evening! I've been running in an athletic club for two years. I've just noticed that I will have a 10 km run in two weeks (actually the 4th of June). I said two weeks to speak generally and make ...
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Legspan requirements for different running styles?

There are many factors contributing to the legspan and rarity of people achieve maximal legspan such as different splits. The legspan affects functional skills such different running styles so having ...
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MY CHEST IS UNEQUAL.Help me make them equal.please [duplicate]

My chests are not equal.My left chest is fully outward and developed and where as my right is full pressed in.PLEASE help me to make both sides equal. this is affecting my abs to making them unequal.
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What is the proper use of the abdominal muscle to reduce injury?

When performing different body strengthening exercises, I am at a loss on how to properly use my core abdominal muscles to complement the muscles that I am actively engaging. I know that one can ...
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How to keep swimming stroke consistent while swimming?

I've been swimming lengths for about a year and usually swim 2000 metres during workouts. I structure my swims into different intervals and they are long distances, fast pace and sprints. What I find ...
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How does the different loading techniques in bulagrian split squats compare?

I know several different methods of how to load a bulgarian split squat: use dumbbells or kettlebells by your sides use a dumbbell or a kettlebell in goblet position use a barbell in front squat ...
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Any input on fixing running form with resistance training?

Underwent a gait analysis for a sports conditioning class. We found that my gait is way too long/wide. I'm heel striking like it's going out of style. The rear leg is consistently way too far back. ...
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