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Cold and hot therapy

First off I'm not looking for advice as I have no interest in using either of the I'm just curious about the purpose of them. I've heard hot or cold therapies, and sometimes both, are used after ...
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What are the therapeutic effects of 1250nm IR light? [closed]

Some niche biohacking oriented companies make red light therapy lamps emitting a spectrum of 639, 660, 850 & 880 nm light citing a particular authoritative book on the scientifically demonstrated ...
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What time frame might I expect to correct arm rotation?

My arms are rotated so that the back of my hands face directly forward. This is presumably from years and years of sitting at a computer. I am attempting to correct it by doing only pull exercises: ...
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Knee Dysfunction- Baker's Cyst- How can I help myself?

I will spare everyone the gory details, but I went to my sports medicine doc yesterday and an ultrasound showed a Baker's Cyst had formed at the back of my left knee. My two options were physical ...
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Is working out a healthy alternative to combat RSI (Repetitive Stress Injuries)

I was reading questions on Programmers and I came across this one where a use is having issues with a Repetitive Stress Injury from typing. It got me thinking, is exercise alone a viable alternative ...
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