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Wearing tights while doing squats and deadlifts

Is it healthy to wear tights while doing squats and deadlifts? I bought a pair of tights and did some squats and deadlifts, not problems at all but I am just worried whether it is healthy to do so or ...
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Why is my leg mobility limited even when it doesn't feel like I'm stretching a muscle?

Scenario: I'm standing up straight, trying to raise one knee up in front of me, like I'm marching. Problem: I can't raise it up even to 90 degrees. See photo below. Ordinarily if my mobility is ...
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What is meant by a tight muscle?

What is meant by a tight muscle? What is an easiest way to identify whether a muscle is tight or not?
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post stretching tightness in posterior leg muscles

I'm a 28yo female, very physically active (circus arts, martial arts, cycling, yoga), and have been for my entire life. I have partial hyperflexibility (arms, lower back, toes), and have been working ...
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slouched shoulders get better when i open my hands

I have really big problems with my posture. I spent a lot of time sitting at computer for many years. My shoulders are rounded, they go forward and due to this my neck is overloaded. I have also ...
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How to workout around a tight Levator Scapulae

My left Levator Scapulae is tight like hell today (probably from incorrectly lifting a heavy gas bottle yesterday) and it is causing some undesirable effects. It is even noticeable in the mirror. I ...
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What can I do to prevent my (outer) shins from tightening while running?

My shins (specifically the Tibialis Anterior muscle - often tighten up while I'm running. This has happened my whole life when running ...
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