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Punching fists down makes chest more engaged than lats...?

In this shorts by Jeremy Ethier, it is mentioned that punching fists down to the floor activates lats. I'm trying this at home, and while it does seem my lats are activated, it also at the same time ...
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Does training a muscle make it tighter or constantly contracted in its resting state?

It’s often said that training X muscle more than its antagonist(s) will result in a postural imbalance in favor of the more trained muscle. Common examples people say: Training the chest muscles too ...
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What does staying "tight" while lifting actually do?

"Make your upper back tight" , "make your glutes tight" and so on are often intrusctions given on how to do various exercises in the gym... but why actually do we do this?
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Wearing tights while doing squats and deadlifts

Is it healthy to wear tights while doing squats and deadlifts? I bought a pair of tights and did some squats and deadlifts, not problems at all but I am just worried whether it is healthy to do so or ...
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Why is my leg mobility limited even when it doesn't feel like I'm stretching a muscle?

Scenario: I'm standing up straight, trying to raise one knee up in front of me, like I'm marching. Problem: I can't raise it up even to 90 degrees. See photo below. Ordinarily if my mobility is ...
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What is meant by a tight muscle?

What is meant by a tight muscle? What is an easiest way to identify whether a muscle is tight or not?
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post stretching tightness in posterior leg muscles

I'm a 28yo female, very physically active (circus arts, martial arts, cycling, yoga), and have been for my entire life. I have partial hyperflexibility (arms, lower back, toes), and have been working ...
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slouched shoulders get better when i open my hands

I have really big problems with my posture. I spent a lot of time sitting at computer for many years. My shoulders are rounded, they go forward and due to this my neck is overloaded. I have also ...
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How to workout around a tight Levator Scapulae

My left Levator Scapulae is tight like hell today (probably from incorrectly lifting a heavy gas bottle yesterday) and it is causing some undesirable effects. It is even noticeable in the mirror. I ...
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What can I do to prevent my (outer) shins from tightening while running?

My shins (specifically the Tibialis Anterior muscle - often tighten up while I'm running. This has happened my whole life when running ...
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