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What is the easy, highly effective way to deal with soreness and exhaustion?

On and off over the past years I’ve had some periods of pretty intense exercise and while it can feel really good I sometimes actually rue just how tired, sore and exhausted I can get from such a good ...
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Began bicycling cardio program a couple of weeks ago, and am still really tired all day. Is this normal?

I've restarted an exercise program, after a couple of years of not doing too much. I'm not particularly out of shape (45 yo, 5'10, 180 lbs), and can get through my program just fine, but I end up ...
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Is it right that frontal muscles above knee gets tired (don't like it) during bicycling with heightened load (>260W)?

I am doing 15 min cycling each day at home and each time I try am putting maximum load (by regulating load and decreasing RPM) for periods of 1 minute and 1.5 minute. I am keeping 85-90 RPM at these ...
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Is being "oxygen-starved" a real phenomen?

I play hockey (field hockey) at a slightly-below-elite level. I train (but don't play) with players who play in the UK National Prem. I, and other players I play with, and coaches I've trained under, ...
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Is this amount of fatigue normal?

I've started the following light excercising regimen: light warm-up (~10 min); a 5 short sets of pull-ups (around 16 total); some jumping and few sets of 50-60 mountain climbers in between of pull-...
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Why does deadlifts makes you feel like you are going to pass out? Can it be avoided?

More than any of the other exercises that I do, whenever I complete a set (10 reps) of deadlifts (appx 175 pounds not as much as I see other people do), I feel the need to hold on to something or sit ...
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Why do people seem to find biking tiring even for short trips when exercise is supposed to enhance productivity and health?

Here's a study saying that exercise improves mental performance. The health benefits of cycling are even known to outweigh the dangers of cycling. When ...
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Feel bad after a Max O2 test - is it normal?

At work I did a standard Max O2 test on a stationary bike. In the hours after I didnt feel so good. Is this normal? If not, is it likely that I have a low tolerance for exercise? Or is it just that ...
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Feeling exhausted after swimming

I've been swimming for 5 hours straight. Now I'm out of the pool and I've been out for an hour. I have homework but I'm extremely sleepy. I've read why this is caused, mainly: The cold temperature in ...
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How to avoid post-training brain fuzziness

I know, brain fuzziness isn't a technical term, but hopefully it makes sense... I train in the mornings before work (because the gym is waaay too busy after work), usually around 0700, after waking ...
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