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How to stay fit on vacation?

I am doing CrossFit on a regular basis. However, this summer I will be on a 4-week-long vacation. I have seen this question: What's a good exercise regime for when traveling/vacationing/etc.? ...
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What's a good exercise regime for when traveling/vacationing/etc.?

TL;DR I'm looking for some input for those of who have an active lifestyle, watch what you eat, try to stay in shape, but also aim to enjoy your time on vacation, as well. About Me I'm a 30 year ...
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How to change your morning and workout routine when moving new time zone?

I'm going for a long vacation to a different time zone (around 8 hours difference with what I live in now). How to change my day regimen in a proper way? Should I start to gradually shift my wake up ...
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How to eat healthy and maintain weight while travelling / being on vacation?

My situation is I am really trying to get very fit and loose weight. When I am home, I am doing really well. I follow a pretty extreme diet, which basically has become a lifestyle. All is well, and ...
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24 hour fitness international locations [closed]

According to 24 hour fitness serves "17 U.S. states, 3 international". Where are these international locations?
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What equipment can I buy that will build muscle mass and fit in a suitcase

I'm traveling abroad for a year, and I'm wondering if anybody has good experience with portable workout equipment such as resistance bands or suspension systems
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What are exercises you can do on a bus?

I'm going to leave on a bus tour of Europe soon. I figure that all this time on a bus isn't going to be good for me, so I was wondering if there is any exercise I could do on the bus. For example, I'...
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How to keep fit while travelling long-term?

While on the go, it's hard to maintain the same routines you have back at home. Similarly, you're unlikely to find a gym while you travel in some more out of the way places, and you're sick, stuck ...
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How do I exercise on the plane?

I'll be on the plane for 8 hours next 2 weeks. I know a bit exercise practice that I can do while sitting in the bus, ex. face to the right, then to the left, face down, face up, moving my shoulders, ...
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