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Does steaming a vegetable change its amount of macronutrient absorption? [closed]

Anecdotally, over the years I've noticed that eating nuts vs eating peanut-butter has different effects on my weight-loss progress. While whole nuts seem to be minimally processed by my digestion and ...
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Can substituting beets with other nitrate rich vegetables to improve athletic performance?

Beet roots have been known to improve endurance and reduce oxygen consumption during exercise. Can other nitrate rich vegetables produce similar effects? Studies seem to focus mainly on beets for ...
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Consequences of Not Eating Enough Fruits and Vegtables? [closed]

I have never really eaten many vegetables; maybe a few every fortnight (two weeks). I do always manage about 3 pieces of fruit every week. I have recently changed my life style and now eating healthy ...
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Do you miss significant nutrients when juicing?

When juicing fruits and vegies a lot of "solid" pulp are left over. I was wondering if they contain significant nutrients that might be better eaten instead of drinking pure juice?
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Is juice as healthy as the veggies it comes from? [closed]

My little girl hates eating veggies, but loves the juice (like 100% carrot juice, “Superfood”, or V8). She is only 9, and I was the same way until I was around 20. So is there anything wrong with ...
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Getting my younger brother to eat healthier [closed]

I have a younger brother (I'm 17, he's 13) and for a while I had no idea just how unhealthy he eats. Before addressing the question I should probably tell you more about his health condition. He's ...
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What fruit and vegetable combinations provide all essential amino acids?

Suppose one would only eat fruits and vegetables. What fruit and vegetable combinations provide all essential amino acids?
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