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Vertical Jump or Vertical Leap Definition

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Barbell exercises to decrease fall damage

When I see those who play NBA, they jump giant heights with little to no pain (or it seems so), however my feet flare up with pain even from a little fall. I already have found that one of the best ...
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Best ways to add explosive strength to a barbell training/HIT program?

I am a 45 year old male. For 2 months I have been training weights acccording to the Starting Strength program twice a week. That is except for the power clean which I have not been doing yet. My ...
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Vertical jump and body weight

So I got 2 months and I want to maintain my vertical jump or increase a bit. But also I want to get my bodyweight from 52kg to 57-59kg in those two months. I would like to know how I would be able to ...
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Vertical jump and muscle mass [duplicate]

I play basketball and I want to increase my vertical jump but at the moment my arms are still skinny so would I be able to gain muscle mass on my arms as well as get my vertical jump higher?
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Vertical Leap Improvement Plan?

I am having some doubts for quite some years ! Used to play basketball for some years and i was always a guy who could jump quite well(over 38 inch), i am 6 feet tall and dunking was an easy task. We ...
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Can swimming significantly help to improve vertical jump?

I've met physical education teacher in the swimming pool and he told me that swimming will NOT have significant effect for developing my vertical jump. If we omit weight loss caused by swimming and ...
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Bilateral vs single leg squats

When training for a sport that includes a lot of single leg jumps (basketball, for example), how specific should the strength training be? Does strength training need to be single leg? I see two ways ...
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How do I get my legs higher for a kong?

I can do a kong over something about the size of a picnic table, however I notice that on anything longer, my legs start to fall, and I have to bring my feet down. However many traceurs can get ...
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What is a jump rope good for?

I have a jump rope, and my pulse sure goes up while jumping. But what am I exercising exactly?
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How can I improve my vertical?

I have been playing basketball a lot lately and I'd like to improve my vertical. Currently it's not terribly bad, but I'm guessing below the average competitive basketball player (somewhere around 30-...
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