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Healthy smoothie vs multivitamin [closed]

Seems like one of the benefits of blending things like onions, carrots, cucumbers, etc. all into a super "healthy" smoothie is that the smoothie would contain a tremendous amount of vitamins and ...
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Vitamin D vs vitamin D3 [closed]

What is the difference between vitamin D and vitamin D3 ? In terms of complement and effects on the metabolism / body ?
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Suggestions on vitamin c supplements [closed]

One of my friend is taking a gym training in any institute and he suggested me to take a limcy medicine which contain vitamin c after workout and its a very cheap tablets which anybody can afford. ...
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Where can I get nutrition information about food? [closed]

I am plannign on making an app that uses nutritional information about food, but finding good and reliable sources in the Internet for it is proving to be a challenge. Every website displays ...
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Vitamins: How much is too much? [closed]

I received some Kinetica Essential tablets with some protein (I paid a little more for them, they weren't free), and looking at the RDA for the vitamins it contains raises some questions. They ...
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vitamin D as a supplement [closed]

If I take a multivitamin, is there a benefit to taking a supplement of a specific vitamin (ex. Vitamin D)? In the winter, I have read taking Vitamin D helps give more energy. I find myself more tired ...
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Constant fatigue [closed]

I struggle with a constant fatigue throughout my days. I feel my diet is good and balanced, I drink lots of water, and I exercise regularly. I also constantly have a tired and foggy mind, which is ...
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Are higher-end multivitamins harmful/helpful/placebo? [closed]

For instance, consider multivitamins like Opti-Men or Orange Triads or AOR Ortho-Core, etc. Are such multivitamin supplements actually beneficial to health, or is it a waste/possibly even harmful?
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Is drinking amino acid tablets safe for health and building muscle?

I have been going to the gym for two months, and I have gained muscle specifically in my biceps. I have seen my mates drinking amino acid tablets. Does this improve muscles? I'm afraid to try them in ...
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Will taking Vitamin D supplements harm my bodies ability to produce it itself?

It is known that the human body can produce vitamin D itself when exposed to enough sunlight. But will the body downregulate this natural production of vitamin D, if I take a vitamin D supplement? And ...
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What is the most natural form of Vitamin D supplementation? [closed]

I'd like to take cod liver oil or something similar to boost my vitamin D levels (which are low). I want something totally natural. Is there any way to take cod liver oil without feeling the reported ...
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Does Vitamin C help with recovery?

There is this gym legend going around where I train. My intake is 1g in the morning and 1g at night. My current training habit is: Weight lifting: (1 hour/5 days a week) Cardio: (1 hour of spinning ...
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Am I taking too many vitamins and supplements?

I'm hoping to get some insight on the vitamins and supplements I'm taking. I'm afraid I'm taking too many or taking them incorrectly. Am I doing myself good or harming my body? First off, I am 21, ...
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Are there any nutrients that I should supplement as a pescitarian? [closed]

I have decided to become a pescitarian, and I'm wondering if by only eating fish I will need to supplement any nutrients that might be missing from my diet without the other types of meat.
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How do you calculate daily vitamin requirements?

I'm looking at the nutrition facts label on my protein shake bottle and it says: Protein 42g - 84% DV Vitamin C - 100% DV Vitamin A - 40% DV Vitiman D - 50% DV etc... I know the 84% daily value for ...
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Can I take all 3 tablets of Magnesium at one time or should I take 1 tablet after each meal [closed]

I cannot take Calcium as it forms Kidney Stones, I have been told by my doctor that I have early signs of Osteoporosis. I was told that I could take Magnesium, the bottle states 3 tablets a day with ...
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What are the best vitamins to take when working out [closed]

I see all types of claims for every supplement and vitamin under the sun. What are the basic vitamins that one should take when actively working out (cardio and weights) to help stay healthy. ...
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Is kale's Vitamin K content a source of MK4?

I've seen some studies that indicate MK4, a chemical from certain types of Vitamin K, is capable of preventing and reducing bone fractures. I believe kale is the food with the most Vitamin K; however,...
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What is the most nutrient-dense source of vitamin E? [closed]

I know this is a simple question, but it hasn't been asked on here yet (so it seems from my search results). What is the most nutrient-dense source of vitamin E?
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If I am on a low-carb diet, is it necessary to take vitamin supplements? [closed]

I have been reading this guide to low-carb dieting: and it recommends that I should take regular vitamin supplements. Is there something that exists in carb-...
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Vitamin B toxicity? [closed]

I understand the B Vitamins are water-soluble, so it is more difficult to take too much -- you flush them out of your system (as opposed to fat-soluble vitamins, which can stay with you for a long ...
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Taking multivitamin tablets without workout , will it cause any problems ?

I was doing workout last year and was regularly taking multivitamins and whey protein. But now, I am resting after a bone fracture, So I am no regular to Gym. I am not taking meat and heavy foods now ...
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How Should I Choose A Multi-Vitamin Designed for Men? [closed]

How should I choose a multi-vitamin as a man? Should I just try and get the most potency/per dollar product? Are there any well known generally accepted superior brands?
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When taking vitamins and supplements, does it matter if I take them all at once or should I spread it out throughout the day? [closed]

Currently I am taking a multivitamin, fish oil, and I recently added vitamin D supplements (D3 to be specific). My current routine is take each of the three (along with some unrelated medication in ...
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