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Is there any smart compact rower?

Is there any compact rower that can sync with MyFitnessPal? so one could keep track of rowing distance and calories burnt everyday?
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Different in exercises between two 100pushups sites

I have found two different sites guiding how to achieve 100 push ups: and However they have different schedule. For example, if you get into the 11-20 ...
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Is there a website / service with publicly accessible database of workouts?

I am looking for a website / service that has database of different popular strength-related workouts. Ideally it would be something with API, but a website with exhaustive list of easily accessible ...
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Is there a website for tracking people that use different apps?

I'd like to compare my progress in running with the progress of various other people that I know. The problem is that everybody uses a different mobile app for tracking their progress and there is ...
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Is there a web site for planning your own workouts and following up on them?

Yes, there are loads of fitness sites out there. Some will let you track weight loss, some will provide a training program for you and some will let you record your workouts. But my issue is being ...
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What running quests and achievements are available on Fitocracy?

I'm a beginner when it comes to running and I found Fitocracy to be a great way to motivate myself. I'm wondering - what Achievements and Quests are there available on the site to provide goals for a ...
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Is there a combined Fitness/RPG site?

I'm looking for a fitness site which would motivate me by letting me enter my workouts, and then reward me with progress in some kind of game. Is there such a site out there? Fitocracy does not ...
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Any social website for sharing and tracking fitness workouts?

I track my running on DailyMile. The interface is simple, I can share with Facebook and I get inspired watching the running logs of my friends. Is there a similar social website for general fitness? (...
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