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Questions tagged [weight-gain]

How do I get huge? With the muscles?

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Deriving TDEE from calorie intake and weight changes over time

I have historical data for my own calorie intake and weight over the past few years. I'd like to calculate my TDEE from this data. Can anyone point me towards an appropriate mathematical model? ...
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I seem to gain and lose muscle mass very quickly- what gives?

I am the type of individual that looks at myself in the mirror every morning and night briefly to make sure I am not drifting off into an undesirable body shape. Sometimes, this will warrant me ...
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How can i gain weight with a strange body type?

Im a 25 years old male that has been skinny all his life (around 55-60kg). I have a body type that the times i have eaten too much, i get fat only the stomach. The arms, legs etc didnt change. Now i ...
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Beginner weight loss healthy?

I'm 26 male weighing 65Kgs and I have been working out for the last couple of months and I ate little over my maintenance calories. In this duration I have taken body composition analysis and turns ...
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hot water bath to gain muscles

I have read here hot water helps increase the muscle size.In case we do a hot bath and after we do a workout.First, "hot" how much should it be?Shouldn't my self tolerate it or just relaxing hot?...
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