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Creatine and Protein Intake

I have read on numerous websites that taking creatine and whey protein together adds no benefit, but then something does not make sense to me. Muscles are made up of protein, when you drink protein ...
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What percent of whey protein powder is converted to tissues?

Based on my naive knowledge (my background is not in health science, actually engineering), not all intake protein can be converted to tissues like muscle mass and the utilization of each food is ...
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How do you meet your daily protein goals?

I'm pretty new to lifting and I've learnt that you need ATLEAST 1gm/lb of bodyweight protein each day. When you are cutting, your protein requirements should be ~ 1.5-1.8gm/lb of your body weight (...
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Drinking whey protein twice a day [duplicate]

I am 29 years old and started working out 2-3 months ago, hitting the gym 4-5 days a week in the morning. I take half scoop whey 30-45 mins before a workout and 1 scoop after a 1 1/2 hr intense ...
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Minimum time between two servings of whey protein isolate?

The study at concludes (emphasize mine): We suggest that instead of a single, large protein-rich meal, ingestion of multiple moderate-sized ...
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Protein intake while intermittent fasting

I have started intermittent fasting and working out.I want to gain muscle and lose fat.So I have decided to take whey protein for the first time, but I'm confused when can I take it as my 16 hours ...
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Should I use whey protein?

I'm an average guy. completed a 30 days challenge recently. The results are quite 'better'. I want to gain weight and mass muscle. I bought platinum Iso whey. My cousin highly discouragedd me to not ...
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What Type Of Protein Is Best For You? [closed]

how is whey made, the different types of whey protein and how much whey protein should we supplement with.
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What should one do in case of whey protein allergy?

I've been using a whey protein concentrate by an Indian brand named Muscleblaze. I had been reading reviews from the internet that one should shift to American protein brands as they have a better ...
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Best whey protein with no GMO [closed]

I'm interested in buying a protein powder for first time in my life. I've been reading a lot, learning about what differences between protein powders are, and 2 hours ago I made up my mind and chose "...
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Are digestive enzymes a must in whey supplements? [closed]

I have come across strong opinions which suggest that whey supplements without digestive enzymes are waste. The counter argument that our body has all necessary enzymes to digest whey and added ...
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Does whey causes brittle bones? [closed]

I have heard few times now that whey can cause bones to weaken up. I fell recently and broke my wrist fairly easily. I am wondering if whey does affect bones?
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Can i take shower immediately after taking whey protein? [closed]

Can i take shower immediately after taking whey protein? Some of my friends suggested after workout(Taking whey) is not good for me. They said protein will not absorb as much. Any suggestions ...
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Is whey protein safe? [closed]

I just started working out a few months ago and just yesterday decided to try whey protein to help with my fat loss, which I haven't made much progress in even after switching to a healthier diet. I ...
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Effect of whey protein on blood cholesterol level

I am new to body-building ( started 4 months ago; workout 4 times a week ). Due to my lifestyle ( choices ), my diet only contains occasional white meat servings and very little red meat. My intake ...
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Is 45 minutes after working out already too late for restocking on protein and carbs?

I'm a boxer and after a workout I like to fix myself a recovery shake with protein, healthy fats and some carbs. After training I need some time to shower and change and then drive home. I'd say it ...
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Mixing Whey + BCAA + Glutamine

I'm currently taking my Whey with additional BCAA and Glutamine powders. Some people are skeptical about the benefits, I tested it myself, and for me it works. I'm a little in doubt with one certain ...
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No visible results, can anyone help? [duplicate]

I’m 16 years old. I’ve been using gold whey protein for quite some time now n frankly I'm seeing no results so I was thinking of switching to inner armor hard mass gainer..think it's a good idea? And ...
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Whey Protein Digestion rate? Am I wasting my protein? [closed]

According to this site: When we take take protein shake in liquid form, it has only 1.5 hours to absorb and absorption rate is 8-10 g per hour. So ...
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How does solubility of whey protein correlate to its effectiveness?

I ran across a post by Julia Vins, a powerlifter, comparing two brands of whey protein powder. The original text is in Russian: Решила сегодня сравнить whey gold standard от optimum nutrition и ...
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