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Moving rapidly on foot. Questions are about proper running form, race preparation, measuring the benefits and avoiding the pitfalls of running.

Who am I I started running about two months ago. Before that I occasionally played football/soccer so one can say that I was out of shape but not to a very high degree. As a teenager though I played … football at least three times a week. My weight is 87kg/190lbs and I am 1.88m/6.1feet tall. The stitch During my running sessions I continuously get side stitches approximately after 4km/2.5miles …
asked Aug 9 '11 by Woltan
I had the very same issue. In my case it was the shoes. After switching to a very much thicker sole the problem disappeared and never came back. (Now a lot of other things hurt on longer runs^^) So ev …
answered Aug 21 '11 by Woltan
When you start running after almost no physical exercise for years, there is no telling what part of your body will start hurting. Just one thing is for sure: Something will hurt! In your case, the …
answered Sep 6 '11 by Woltan
I think the answer would depend on your goals you try to achieve with your running. If you primarily want to burn fat, I think you should not eat before running. This will reduce the amount of … should eat a little before running. This will fill up the carbohydrates and make the energy available during the race. I myself try not to eat or drink too much before running to reduce the "risk" of side …
answered Aug 15 '11 by Woltan