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Moving rapidly on foot. Questions are about proper running form, race preparation, measuring the benefits and avoiding the pitfalls of running.

I live in a major metropolitan area and I've started running home instead of taking the bus. That being said, sometimes I need to take my work laptop home with me and - if possible - I would like to … not have this be an excuse to not run home. That being said, are there any good running back packs which will help keep a laptop snug and safe from sweat/water? …
asked May 17 '12 by Dave
It sounds like you have a lot more running experience than I do, but it seems logical that there are really only two ways you can go here: Negotiate with yourself and buy a barefoot shoe like … Vibram FiveFingers Just keep running until you blister over. When I was in college, I knew a guy that walked all over campus in bare feet - even in the middle of winter with 8 in of snow on the ground …
answered Jul 22 '13 by Dave