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Cardio is a shorthand term for aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is comprised of activities that tend to improve the body's utilization of oxygen.

1 vote

Cardio: Longer Workout with Lower Heartrate or Shorter Workout with Higher Heartrate?

You want to do cardio to lose weight. XXX Nope. Cardio will only aid in short-term weight loss. It actually can (will) have an overall negative affect on weight loss in the long-term. … You just want a cardio/weight routine balance. …
  • 2,209
1 vote

Using a stepper once in a while

I run a lot and lift moderately. I would love to add more stair stepping in. It is a good alternative to running and it is easy on the ankles and feet. I think the most important key is to keep tho …
  • 2,209
0 votes

Cardio and weights in the same workout

Your tendons get stretched during cardio. When you lift you want them tight. This can lead to numerous injuries but I would be most concerned about my knees. … I am sure someone can give you a lengthy explanation but for the most part leave your cardio to after weights. …
  • 2,209
2 votes

Ways to reduce rest time between lifting sets?

For someone starting out 5-7 mins is just way too long to be sitting around in between sets. You need to be doing something not reading! If you are lifting for pure strength - not size or tone or at …
  • 2,209
11 votes

Why is "Starting Strength" the most highly regarded workout regime on the Internet?

I want to mention that I am in no way opposed to Starting Strength. As Dave mentioned, it has a lot of useful tips for beginners. In that it stresses form and core movements it should be commended. …
  • 2,209
0 votes

Weight loss routine

When you start a new cardio routine or expense a lot of energy/intensity on cardio your body will naturally try to recoup through diet. … It is conceivable that after a year of lifting/cardio/watching what you eat that you weigh slightly less but look totally different. …
  • 2,209