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If I'm reading this correctly, you have three questions: will exercise help you lose weight? is this exercise worthwhile? will you have visible abs at your desired weight, despite not having had them when you were at that weight before? Question 1 will exercise help you lose weight? Not much. Exercise gives you muscle, improves endurance, it has lots of ...


The "core" is not a particularly well defined group of muscles, but it would commonly include the following muscles. Rectus abdominis: This is the "6 pack" muscle, often just referred to as "the abs". Role: Spinal flexion (bending forwards at the lower back) Isolation exercises: Most ab exercises, including sit-ups, planks, ...


The main purpose of the abs is not to do situps but to stabilize the spine. The spine is a bit like an antenna mast. The antenna mast have guy-wires to stabilize it against external forces such as wind: The spine also have guy-wires in the form of muscles running from the base of the spine: the pelvis to the upper part of the spine: The body can adjust the ...


In order to save your back you want to train your abs isometrically. Goblet squats train the rectus abdominis very well. Push-ups are also good. Single arm kettlebell deadlift trains the obliques very well. Zercher squats are also supposed to train the rectus abdominis + obliques very well.

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