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Why does every calorie tracking app give a different target calorie count for the same goals?

Because they're all based off vaguely defined math formulas which were created by various scientists that used questionable methodologies in an attempt to make a generic consensus on what people need ...
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Why does every calorie tracking app give a different target calorie count for the same goals?

I'm a personal trainer who has had a lot of clients use these apps, though not as much these days, so I could be a little out of date. By far, the issue I, or my clients, ran into is all hell would ...
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What are the most common mistakes in using a food tracker such as MyFitnessPal?

Making and correcting entries General considerations Where possible, utilize grams. Metric units are easier for conversions and calculating serving sizes. Furthermore, MFP lists nutrients in grams ...
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How do I find the best Activity Tracker for my needs?

I don't believe that you are going to find a better resource than you have already noted in your answer, for DC Rainmakers blog. His site is fairly comprehensive and non partisan (i.e. he doesn't make ...
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Why does every calorie tracking app give a different target calorie count for the same goals?

Whatever its internal initial formula (even if it cheats!), calorie/kilojoule tracking apps are programmed to alter slightly as they get more data about your habits and your body's response to those ...
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Why did fitness apps seem to misrepresent calories burned between a bicycle ride and hike workout?

If an app tells you how many calories you burned, it's telling you its estimate on how many calories you burned. The more data you can feed into the app the more accurate it will be but it's still an ...
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Finding resources for tailoring a home workout automagically

My favorite fitness app is called Fitbod. It does cost money, but it is very much worth it. I think it has all the features you are looking for. I've been using it for about 4-ish years and love it. ...
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Meal plan app or nutritionist when building muscle?

You basically summed it up in your question. Like most things in fitness it's a cost/benefit or risk/reward balance. Yes, you'll almost certainly get better results if you hire a nutritionist to ...
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HIIT timer with exercise?

The YAYOG app lets you define your custom workouts. They have multiple exercise types, including Tabatas, which are HIIT intervals with 20 s load and 10 s rest. You could - for example - create a ...
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What's the most acurate running app?

I have used most of the GPS tracking apps on iPhone. Below is my rundown - Walkmeter - This one is very satisfactory as far as accuracy is concerned. And it is very flexible for creating routes, ...
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Is Strava overestimating my calories burned from walking?

I checked in the Apple Fitness App, Strava logs active calories and total calories as the same, so active calories are in my case overestimated by 66 calories (check in the Apple health app the ...
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