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What are some safe chest exercise for people with shoulder impingement?

Personal experience, there is a lot of trial and error when working out with an injury. You have got to seriously listen to your body. I can't do anything with a barbell or my shoulder is screaming in ...
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What does FMMI calculator mean with: FMMI athletic, body percentage overweight?

The Fat-Free Mass Index is a measure of how much muscle mass a person has per unit of height. It is sometimes used to help determine if someone is on anabolic steroids although this method is not 100% ...
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If I do sets of 15-25 reps, how many sets should I am for per week?

Typically, increasing the number of reps/sets compared to previous sessions, and lowering the amount of rest time should stimulate muscle growth. So a gradual increase week by week should provide ...

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