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Energy expenditure (calories burned) equation for running

Pretty late to the party on this one but thought it was worth adding that the JavaScript behind the runners world calculator is pretty simple. Looking at the function toolSubmit (which is called when ...
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The Maths of Exercise

Trying to calculate in advance how much weight an untrained individual should be able to use in their first session is an exercise in futility. First session in the gym, just start with a weight that ...
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Formula for Rep max?

There is a handful of "accepted" formulae to calculate one's 1RM based on other xRMs. In fact, there's a nice Wikipedia article that lists them: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One-...
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Weight loss does not seem to follow my calculations

Food packaging is based on averages it is more or less right sometimes you'll get more calories, sometimes less. Most of your calories are spent on maintaining your body's functions. (About 3/4 in ...
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Calculate calories burned

No. There are formulas for estimating basal metabolic rate (BMR) and total daily energy expenditure (TDEE). For exercises like walking or running you could estimate the calories burned based on ...
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Weight loss does not seem to follow my calculations

Your assumption #2 is wrong. Typical fitness trackers have an error of between 30% and 90% when estimating calorie burn, and exercise machines don't do any better.
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How much weight do I lose when I run a mile?

The only way to know how much weight you lose when you run is to weigh yourself before and after the run, and subtract the weight of any food or drink you consumed. Explanation - It's not really ...
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What does FMMI calculator mean with: FMMI athletic, body percentage overweight?

The Fat-Free Mass Index is a measure of how much muscle mass a person has per unit of height. It is sometimes used to help determine if someone is on anabolic steroids although this method is not 100% ...
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Calculate calories burned

There is a simple general formula to calculate BMR (calories you burn per day without exercise). It is rather accurate as long as you are not far from "average" person. Eg very lean, very muscular, ...
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Weight loss does not seem to follow my calculations

Getting Basal or Resting Metabolic Rate Measurement will explain most of it. Please go to nearby laboratory and ask for it, they will explain what to do for the test and you will have accurate number ...
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How can I calculate calories burned during an activity?

I've posted some of the standard equations in my answer to: Metabolic Equations for Anaerobic Exercise? Essentially if you know the duration of the exercise, your body Mass in Kg, and either the MET ...
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