No. Not in the way you're thinking. The reason more muscle burns fat faster than less muscle is because there are physically more muscle cells that require nutrients to function. Creatine just holds water in the muscle which makes them look bigger. There isn't actually more muscle. Your TDEE remains consistent. Creatine can help keep performance up. This in ...


This looks like it's a combo Nitric Oxide + Creatine supplement. Nitric Oxide is coming from the arginine and citrulline. Glutamine is for digestion. Creatine does creatine things (increases water retention in muscles). Nitric Oxide gives a pretty good pump but the pump is temporary. If it allowed you to press your workouts further you could develop more ...


Aside from supplements, beef, fish, and red meat contain the highest levels of creatine; in that order. Lesser amounts can be found in milk. My googling tells me that it's roughly a pound of beef for 5 g of creatine.

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