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I'm worried that I might be double dipping too much with these two exercises The nice thing about the wood choppers and the Pallof press is that they both work the rotational aspect of the abs, which tends to be overlooked, particularly by beginners. And doing both of them means that you're getting concentric and eccentric loads from the wood choppers, as ...


Measure it out in paces At home, take a tape measure and stand with your back to a wall, heels touching the wall. Take one normal step forward, then measure from the back of your heel to the wall in centimeters. This is your pace length. Let's say you measure 60cm. Now, convert the bleep test distance (20m) to centimeters by multiplying it by 100, which is ...


I believe you're describing a Sissy Squat *. This is a great body-weight exercise for developing your quadriceps. However, sissy squats don't work the glutes at all; instead recruiting the hip flexors. These would not be a replacement for traditional squats but they can be implemented alongside squats for a challenging leg day. * Not for sissies.


You can, but probably shouldn't train just one side of the neck. Any exercise involving neck lateral flexion (bending the head to the side) or rotation can obviously be performed in one direction only, in order to only target specific muscles. However if would be difficult to impossible to perfectly match the stress that tennis imparts on these muscles, and ...

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