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What actually makes fingers thicker?

Your finger is made up of ligaments. tendons, 3 bones, fat, skin, veins and capillaries. As you get older your knuckles or bones will get bigger just through use and damage. Tendons and ligaments get ...
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Measuring progress in Bouldering

What you're trying to do is, unfortunately, not that easily accomplished. Boundering grades are always a little subjective (depending on the climbers strengths / weaknesses, body mechanics, ...
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Assisting Muscles fatigue to quickly

Grip strength is very important for a large number of reasons, so first of all, kudos for identifying the problem. Common mistake One of the reasons, as you point out, is that poor grip strength ...
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Excercise to strengthen for writing speed

To be precise - you want better stamina? I would use powerball, or some other exercises that requires squeezing. Instead of short term - high intensity, use lower intensity, and train longer. Please ...
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Fingers, hands and wrists specific stretching exercices

I did different martial arts and as part of the warm up routine we would always do hand/wrist stretching. As it would be a bit difficult to explain them via words, I looked for some videos and found ...
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most efficient way of training finger

Don't use a campus board until you are already an experienced climber, or have comparable well-practised tendon strength. The campus board is an extremely common cause of injury because of the amount ...
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Isometric finger training - individually vs collectively

I am only repeating what appears to me to be kind of a consensus of articles and videos on the internet (see the research and blog of Eva Lopez for example): Most people claim that 4 finger half ...
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Isometric finger training - individually vs collectively

I think first you should really focus on "your strength" point. Are you more confident in collective or individual fingers gives you more freedom? Based on that your regime should be followed. I am ...
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