Either one will suit. You won't be able to sustain the maximum wattage for more than a few minutes, and if you can, your wattage meter is lying to you. This is a link to an SRM (crank based power meter) power analysis from Mont Ventoux, one of the final stages of the Tour de France. The first part of the graph shows the "leadout" (Usually refers to the ...


First off, on a hilly ride, the time saved from being lighter is roughly proportional to your weight + bike weight. Assuming your bike weighs 8 kg, that puts your total weight at 95 kg. Cutting 5 kg saves you only about 5% of your time. The effect will be less for the run. If you want to lose some of your muscle, you're in luck; there's nothing like long-...


set goal for 50 200 400 800 1K while maintaing the form, what I use is Ti(Total Immersion). This style is meant to be letting you swim for a long distance and effortlessly.

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