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No, urea is not the cause of the yellow colour of urine. That's urobilin, which is an end product of the breakdown of red blood cells. Urea is the body's means of disposing of metabolised amino acids, and so urea production (and need for disposal) will increase if you have a high protein diet. You'll need to urinate more to dispose of that, and drink more ...


I'm worried that I might be double dipping too much with these two exercises The nice thing about the wood choppers and the Pallof press is that they both work the rotational aspect of the abs, which tends to be overlooked, particularly by beginners. And doing both of them means that you're getting concentric and eccentric loads from the wood choppers, as ...


I believe you're describing a Sissy Squat *. This is a great body-weight exercise for developing your quadriceps. However, sissy squats don't work the glutes at all; instead recruiting the hip flexors. These would not be a replacement for traditional squats but they can be implemented alongside squats for a challenging leg day. * Not for sissies.

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