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What was the macronutrient ratio of early humans and primitive tribes?

Your question is misguided in two ways. One, you assume that premodern diets are by definition optimal. If we can know the macronutrient ratio of Fat:Protien:Carb of early humans and primitive tribes ...
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Is LCHF diet the best and easy way to loose fat?

Note: this got a bit long, so the TL:DR is, the best diet is one that fits into your lifestyle and helps you maintain a caloric deficit. In simple terms, your body weight is a balancing act between ...
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I tried a new diet and I think my blood sugar is too low, do I need more carbs?

You do need to regain that lost lean mass and better to remake it from proteins than carbs. I'd stick to the diet, but gain calories from proteins like lentils and nuts(which also have fat so be ...
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I tried a new diet and I think my blood sugar is too low, do I need more carbs?

Significant diet changes often have a transition period while your system adapts, so I wouldn't immediately panic. On the other hand, without a lot of detail in your post, it seems to me your fat ...
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Is Paleo A good marathon training diet?

That's quite a fad. And you can't be sure that it's a good choice. The fact is that the energy you lose is replenished by carbs. Yes, there is a mechanism by which you can get energy from fat but it'...
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