Although it is in different language (may use google translate) in the link here there is a movie about training (pulling 92 lbs bow 57 Times) and pictures of different drills on bow training. You may also try Korean Method for archery training. (read the comments in the page. It can be helpful) I hope all these helps.


It depends on the campus board setup. Nice setups often have: The campus boards on an over hang with wooden slats underneath for your feet. And various sets of grips. The easiest is very positive and the hardest probably has nothing to wrap your fingers around at all. The slats help you scale down the exercises so you don't have to do them legless. So you ...


Fast-twitch muscles are used and developed by moving fast. Regular push-ups can be done a little fast, but basically you want to do clapping or plyometric push-ups to really develop explosiveness. If you start doing 20 reps of push-ups, no matter what kind, those reps aren't going to be particularly explosive. If they are, they won't be challenging enough ...


Is it safe to do light Plyometrics even though lower calves are sore? Yes. Since you are having a slight soreness, it is still alright to do plyometrics so long you do not do any sort of heavy calf raises.

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