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Why do we rest the barbell on delts when doing a power clean?

As the weights go up (a bodyweight clean is a pretty reasonable late-beginner/intermediate number), you will be physically incapable of holding the barbell up with just your elbows. Even if you can ...
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Why did many lifters of the past use to lower the bar in their clean/snatch whilst now they drop it?

Rubber "bumper" plates were not invented until 1967.1,2 Prior to that, only steel and iron plates were available, and dropping those from overhead would likely damage the equipment or ...
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Are my forearms too long for a Power Clean?

This won't really be an answer but it's most likely mobility. Being physically incapable of a front rack (without injury) would be extremly rare. The usual mobility culprits are thorasic spine, ...
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Best ways to add explosive strength to a barbell training/HIT program?

Firstly, you should understand that you have chosen a goal that will be difficult if not impossible to achieve. If you are currently carrying excess body fat then getting rid of that will improve your ...
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Power Clean Form Check (and technique questions)

I'm going to preface this by saying, I'm not a weightlifting coach. I've trained the power clean a bit, but not a whole hell of a lot, so take what I say with a pinch of salt. Why is my rack position ...
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Unable to catch the Clean

Catching the bar on your chest can be caused by any of the options you laid out in your question. From your video, it seems that you are trying to pull the bar too high, and allowing your forearms to ...
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Third pull of power clean: powerful jump vs arms pull vs thighs pull

I think pushing with thighs is potentially very problematic because it might cause the bar to move horizontally which you don't want. Rising with the heels without jumping too much is the general ...
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