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That website's contention for why a thumbless grip lessens the load on the forearm muscles is that it prevents you from squeezing the bar: in a thumbless grip, also known as a “false” or “suicide” grip, the thumb is held under or outside of the bar rather than around the bar. There is no squeezing involved. However this absolutely would not apply to any ...


Rock climber here. If you're trying to hang for extended periods of time, you're going to want to develop calluses. It is the body's natural response in an attempt to further protect you. This is the salve I use after climbing, if my hands hurt. It works well and you can buy it at pretty much any outdoors store:


Use a hook grip, you will be able to hang on much longer. This grip style is also very popular in Olympic Weightlifting. The hook grip is where the thumb is pinned between the barbell and the remaining fingers. It is also a more secure grip than more traditional grips, where the thumb is outside of the fingers. The hook grip puts a lot of pressure on the ...

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