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What is the easy, highly effective way to deal with soreness and exhaustion?

It’s possible to “out-kick your coverage” when it comes to fatigue and recovery. From what it sounds like, you’re simply going too hard. If you’re needing more than a day off to recover from a workout ...
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Is it important to get a massage? Or is yoga is better?

While massages are helpful for relaxation, relieving muscle knots, and alleviating tension in specific, hard-to-reach areas, yoga is an excellent alternative; especially if you don't like getting ...
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Meditation (Relaxation or breathing exercises) after exercise - Is it a good practice?

Before I answer your main question—if meditation or yoga is helpful soon after working out—let me first address your claim about it causing an irregular heartbeat: your heart will increase gradually (...
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Can exercises help relax your muscles?

muscle relaxation exercises, however exercising requires the use of energy, how is this possible? Exercise does not mean, that all muscles are tense all the time. There are many muscles in the body ...
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Can exercises help relax your muscles?

Yoga has many eye relaxation exercises. You can do it with ease. No energy is required for that and proves relaxing if you work with computers, then it will be very helpful. And if you have weak ...
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