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Do races increase or hinder physical ability?

All physical activity generates some level of fatigue. In "Physiological Basis of Fatigue", Evans and Lambert give us a definition of fatigue (that is used throughout exercise science, ...
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Do races increase or hinder physical ability?

Well, not a runner here but in weight training; testing strength and building strength are two different things. I believe it is similar here as well. You should build your strength and your training ...
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The 10-percent rule in running: how to start?

The answer from David Scarlett is a very good point that the 10% rule doesn't really work if you are starting at 1 mile a week or something similar. A couch to 5k plan is a good start, but one of the ...
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help on supplementary exercise for cycling

Many rivers and canals have cycling tracks or narrow roads one or both sides. These are the most joyful and refreshing cycling routes especially starting in morning. Usually both sides of river/canal ...
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help on supplementary exercise for cycling

If your goal is to exercise to improve your cycling on days you will not cycle, it is best to do some aerobic work. I am usually a runner so my choice of cross training is biking because it is a lower ...
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How often the longest run need to be repeated in order to keep the form?

I'm not a runner, but I know some professionals. What they do is basically increase the distance for each run and work their way up. week 1: 10km week 2: 15km week 3: 20km week 4: 25km week 5: 30km ...
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