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No, you can't change the shape of your muscles without injury or surgery. You can change the size, which can change the appearance, but if you have a biceps with a short muscle belly and a long tendon, (So that your bicep peak doesn't reach to the inside of your elbow), you can't change that shape, it's genetic. Another example is your abdominals, the ...


Strength training certainly can make bones denser and also strengthen the ligaments, although the actual length of a bone is not changed.


"Less testosterone exposure in the womb " you're probably talking about klienfelter syndrome, aka 46xxy. These men carry two copies of the x chromosome and are more likely to have autoimmune diseases, learning difficulties and a wider hip/shoulder ratio, less body hair and struggle to gain muscle. The man pictured is not klienfelter, the condition is ...


Reshaping, or re-sculpting or chiseling the look of the muscles are done in various ways. First, reduction of fat. What looks like reshaping, is actually loss of fat and gain of muscles, but yes, when you have peaks on your bicep, that's a whole different story. In short, yes, whether chest, or arms, working out different sets of muscles with varied load, ...

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