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Is being "oxygen-starved" a real phenomen?

Oxygen deficit and oxygen debt are real things in the world of exercise, and the base reason is a short term systemic energy cycle known as the ATP-ADP cycle (Adenosine Tri Phosphate- Adenosine Di ...
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Why do people seem to find biking tiring even for short trips when exercise is supposed to enhance productivity and health?

I feel like there's a fairly wide variety of potential answers here, so I'll throw a few of them out. It's not easy at first As someone who has picked up biking to work probably a half dozen times ...
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Feeling exhausted after swimming

5 hours of any workout would exhaust you for the rest of the day. Now regarding what to do next? Eat food to help you with your calorie needs and if possible, take a nap. That may not remove all the ...
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Why does deadlifts makes you feel like you are going to pass out? Can it be avoided?

If you're doing the Valsalva maneuver during deadlifts, then it is possible to get light headed during. Overcoming it will come with experience. Though, it's common for people to hold their breath ...
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What is the easy, highly effective way to deal with soreness and exhaustion?

It’s possible to “out-kick your coverage” when it comes to fatigue and recovery. From what it sounds like, you’re simply going too hard. If you’re needing more than a day off to recover from a workout ...
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Is it right that frontal muscles above knee gets tired (don't like it) during bicycling with heightened load (>260W)?

I wonder - what muscles can be [approx 5-15 cm above knee]? My guess is that there are very few muscles and they should not be important for the cycling. That would be the quadriceps, and they are ...
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How to avoid post-training brain fuzziness

My answer is anecdotal from personal experience. You could very well be crashing post workout. Does your "fuzzybrain" go away after you eat and drinking? Have you considered blood sugar levels post ...
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Is this amount of fatigue normal?

I would say it's unusual for someone who is generally quite active. Two possibilities spring to mind: Insufficient calories. You may be exercising to lose weight, but fatigue is often a sign that ...
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Is this amount of fatigue normal?

That sounds unusual to me. For comparison, I'm 44 years old, and 73 kg at 1,85m height. I get into the gym for strength training and stretching sometimes 6 days a week, multiple hours a day, and don'...
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