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If you only have two sessions a week to exercise, what type of exercise is ideal for general health?

There is no peer reviewed data on this, because the question is far too niche and the required period of observation far too long for that to be practical. No-one is running a study where they take a ...
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Does a VO2 max test have a mental discipline component?

TL;DR A well-done lab test shows when you are not going all out. Will-power is more about where the power goes (and how much of your max power output of your individual muscles you are able to use), ...
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Why doesn't my Garmin VO2 max estimate agree with the Cooper test estimate?

Not an answer per se, but here's, to my knowledge, the whitepaper Garmin used for their VO2max calculations : ...
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What level of seasonal variation in VO2 Max should I expect

It's plausible, one paper shows a ~7% worse VO2 max during winter compared to summer in healthy men. Running is a great sport where the only participate is you and the variables are, allegedly, all ...
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Correlation of %VO2max and heart rate

If you search "vo2 vs heart rate relationship graph" on Google images you'll find that the graphs look fairly linear (at least, during exercise). This would indicate that your assertion is ...
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Why doesn't my Garmin VO2 max estimate agree with the Cooper test estimate?

Just to add some (hopefully) useful information - one issue is that the Cooper test estimate is highly uncertain. I got Cooper's paper from 1968 Cooper, Kenneth H. (15 January 1968). "A Means of ...
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