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Are there any problems with this workout program for simultaneous muscle growth and weight loss?

If you are just starting out, I'd suggest doing basics for half a year: squat/bench press/pull down with chin-ups. This will declutter your list and make it really simple to follow and track progress. ...
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Is doing 4 sets of 6 pushups 3x per week enough for a beginner push workout regarding hypertrophy and strength

I think it is a generally accepted fact that working in the 6-35 rep range does stimulate hypertrophy equally as long as sets are taken close to failure. I also think most people would agree that 9-12 ...
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Training leg adductors and abductors while I have really weak ankles/calves

Back squats and sumo deadlifts. Back squats, especially with a stance a bit outside of shoulder width, is a great abductor exercise. Cuing the abductors for exterior rotation at the hip helps send ...

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