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Yes, not only can you do yoga. I would say you should do yoga. Sure, yoga has a reputation of being performed by people who are already very flexible, but yoga and other types of stretching is how you get there. For any position that you can't do because you're too inflexible, or are suffering from tight muscles, there's always a more moderate position you ...


The 90/90 stretch: puts one hip in internal rotation and the other in external rotation. I think dynamic stretching may be better. This video shows some martial arts inspired dynamic external/internal hip rotation stretches: VAHVA Fitness: Intelligent Hip Mobility Training.


You should first determine where that “tightness” is coming from and whether it is due to soft tissues or your bones? Muscle tightness, yes, you can work around that by stretching. But if it’s a structural issue, you may need to get that resolved first. If possible, you can try those positions but at a reduced range. Ease your body into it.


I have the same issue -- lifting up off the heels has made my knees feel better but we might have different knee pathologies. Maybe also try shifting your weight forward or back to emphasize either the quads or glutes, or moving the feet wider/narrower. Perhaps also sit higher or lower. Other poses that work the same muscles would be any sort of lunge (...


What worked for me (TBF, dance, not yoga), was to kneel with a towel rolled up under my ankles and just stay there for a while every day. Every few days I'd unroll the towel a bit, getting lower and lower to the ground. On the flip side, I worked the front; from all fours with my feet flat I'd use my ankles to kick my feet off the ground, higher and higher ...


1 set = 2 rounds 54 sets = 108 rounds

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