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Is there any benefit of "real" running outdoors vs running on a treadmill in gym?
5 votes

I've been going to gym for around 4 years, where I sometimes run on a treadmill, but I don't really enjoy it for longer period of time. But about 3 months ago, I started running outdoors every day and ...

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What is a reasonable rate of weight loss to work towards?
4 votes

I've been going to nutritionist & weight-loss expert in the past few months who helped me loose about 20kg, and he recommended 0.5 - 1kg per week.

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How do I find new long-distance running routes?
1 votes

I'm surprised that nobody mentioned this, but if you have some sense of orientation, you can just give yourself a time limit, which will give you approximate distance to run and then just go out and ...

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