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What can I use to monitor my running workout?
10 votes

Not everything has to be super automatic, cost a lot of money, and generate cool graphs. I keep a table, and I run the same route each time (so the distance is fixed, measured with my car's odometer/...

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Exercises to improve speed and running ability
2 votes

Ever seen movies where the character gets a new body, and needs time to get used to it? That's what growing up is like, and if you don't have enough practice "using" your body, you will handle it ...

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Do joints wear out from exercise?
1 votes

This is a tough question to answer and requires a lot more information about body mechanics than I have. But as for my experience, it's the impact that destroys joints, not merely the motion. This ...

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I'm kind of new to this creatine protein stuff, and need help
1 votes

Besides your protein intake, you need to cut "empty calories" (ie sugars) as much as possible if you want to build lean mass, and not gain fat. A can of pop has about 140 calories. Sure you need ...

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How to properly stretch your Iliotibial Band?
Accepted answer
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No one's going to know this, but no amount of stretching helped. The area was inflamed. Rest, Tylenol, and sticking with bikes/rowers, and avoiding overstretching the hip muscle seem to have fixed ...

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