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Jim is an IT guy, veteran, geek, and Christian; a fan of history, a lover of technology; a beloved trainer and a frustrating employee; sometimes proclaimed a "great guy" and an "acerbic jerk" in the same breath--and with complete sincerity to both.


What about laywers?

Do you mean the ones who will sue? OK, here's an obligatory: I'm no physical fitness instructor, I've just led military PT for injured people. With no training. I was assigned the duty because I was also injured and recovering, and had the common sense God gave a brick... not because I'm trained. So stop if something hurts. Talk to a real trainer before starting this stuff. etc etc. If you don't, then you're taking your health into your own hands. Obviously.

OR do you mean the lawyers in the gym who say you can only exercise in lycra, with steel bars, using machines with pulleys and plates, and only in the ways people have decided are normal? 'cause screw those guys. You came to a website for advice, so you're probably ready to consider the unorthodox.

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