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Hi there 👋️

I'm William.


Will probably be quite busy(and therefore slow to respond) as to prepare some things

GitHub page(malware, infosec and programming)

My first Metasploit module - at Rapid7

Rapid7 fanny.bmp/DEWH malware Writeup

discord: Ken-Kaneki#3978

My Keybase

-Currently Preparing for PEN-300 Course offered by Offensive Security.-

And going to (or have) enroll(ed) in the following:

-- Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python

--- MITx - 6.00.1x

Courses Currently taking (preparing for Certificate):

  • MIT-18.01x In progress (Started)
  • Cryptography II

My Certifications

Below is Quite old..


User Profiles

My interests:

I like to do stuff associated with the following topics in my free time.

  1. Mathematics (Discrete probability, abstract algebra). - I am currently taking a course on Mathematics, on MIT. Trough Edx! (MITx: 18.01.1x)
  2. Cryptography. (Zero Knowledge Proofs, Elliptic Curve Cryptography, (...))
  3. C/C++ programming. (Related to: Cryptography, Steganography and Covert Channels development.) + Linux Loadable Kernels Development.
  4. Quantum Mechanics.
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