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How to increase pull up bar hanging time
3 votes

Use a hook grip, you will be able to hang on much longer. This grip style is also very popular in Olympic Weightlifting. The hook grip is where the thumb is pinned between the barbell and the ...

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Pullup and chinup progression and calisthenics
2 votes

I posted this in comments but someone else posted essentially the same thing in their answer so I'm posting here. Your training appears to be just trying to do more of the same but after initial ...

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Why does my right elbow joint make a popping noise when I do pullups, pushups or dumbell curls?
1 votes

Crepitus, or crepitation, describes any grinding, creaking, cracking, grating, crunching, or popping that occurs when moving a joint. If you experience those sounds then it does not necessarily mean ...

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Any risk of injuries from barbell row wider than shoulder grip?
1 votes

Wide grip barbell row is totally fine, if done with correct technique of course. Here are instructions on correct technique:

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